(904) 204-0876

If you ordered the bloodborne pathogen addon make sure you watch this video before class
https://vimeo.com/216422615   The password is “lookhere”

The password is “lookhere”

Thanks for your order. Please arrive 10 minutes early for class. If you have to reschedule it will be a $20 fee.  You follow the directions below for rescheduling least 24 hours prior to your class start time/date in order for a rescheduling to be made. If you are 1 minute late or more for class you will have to buy a brand new seat, depending on the situation- SO DO NOT BE LATE!  Refunds are not permitted.


To reschedule CLICK HERE and choose the $20 dollar option. Now click ADD TO CART… and now MAKE SURE that in the section where it says ORDER NOTES you include the following: your name, order number,  the original date you were signed up for, and the NEW date you have selected from the available dates on calendar on our homepage. Do not wait to the last minute to reschedule.  We will not accept any reschedules that are made AFTER the scheduled class time/date.  If you try to reschedule after your class time, you will have to purchase a brand new seat on our website.

If you do not show up to class and have not rescheduled 24 hours in advance. you will have to repurchase another seat on our website.


We are closed for phone calls after 5pm during the week, and we are closed all weekend to answer any and all phone calls.  Therefore it is very important to carefully read these instructions, understand where you are going, how to get there, and rescheduling yourself using the above link BEFORE class time. We will not be able to answer phone calls an hour before class starts.
We will not be able to answer phone calls an hour before class starts. We are doing everything we can to ensure everyone knows step-by-step directions to entering our class so please return the favor and do not wait till the last hour to start researching how to find the class. Once again, we will not be able to answer calls an hour before class starts due to preparing for the class and all calls will be directed to our answering system.


If you are missing your card after class. Please check your spam folder. If you still can not find it. send an email to cprdirector1@gmail.com with your Name exactly as it should be on the card, The city you took class in, the date you took class, and your email address and we will get it to you by the next business day.


Our Address is
4600 Touchton Rd Suite 150 Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Turn into where you see Deerwood North Comcast 4600 sign.

You will then see a marque that will point to where building 100 is with an arrow.  You cannot miss it.

The building will also be labeled with “100” written on it.
Park in a parking spot that is not reserved and enter thru the class doors of building 100. You will see SUITE 150
Enter those doors and our class room will be near by.​
If all else fails you can reach your instructor here christine on the day of class at 904 735 4647
WARNING: The building WILL BE LOCKED so please  just be patient and wait there for the instructor to come get you. This could be anywhere from 30 minutes before class to 1 minute before class. Simply wait at the door for the instructor to let you in.