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CPR Certification Classes in Jacksonville

American Heart Association Certified CPR Classes


Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR + AED for adult/child/infant for Healthcare Provider Professional $59.95


Our AHA Certified BLS CPR Classes are held on

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM and

Saturdays at 10:00 AM.

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Due the Pandemic we are now providing a portion of the CPR Training as steaming video to watch from your home before you come to class. This will shorten your time in person to just a review, written test and skill check. You will come at your scheduled time from the Calendar. You MUST watch the video before coming to class. Please be sure to bring personal mask to class in order to be admitted safely into class.

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We offer CPR classes and renew certifications at our office in Jacksonville every week and also offer come to you service for large parties and offices in the entire Jacksonville Area

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AHA BLS CPR and AED Certification Class – Jacksonville FL

$59.95 1 hour

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BLS CPR + First Aid

$79.95 1 hour


BLS CPR Classes

This CPR class provides an advanced level of BLS CPR/AED certification required for nurses, EMT’s, and other health care professionals. This class will also provide the level of CPR certification required for personal trainers, construction workers, and other non-health care professionals.

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BLS CPR Class + First Aid Training

CPR + First Aid Training

You will receive a BLS CPR and a First Aid Card . We will administer the CPR Class and immediately following that we will commence the First Aid training. You will walk out with both cards immediately following class. This option is best for busy professionals who need comprehensive yet timely training for their current or prospective careers.

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Group Lessons and Private Training

This option is for people and businesses that want to get certified but with the convenience of having our training delivered to them where THEY are at. It is our pleasure to send a 100% licensed and certified CPR trainer to the location of your choosing. This could be a place of business or a private residence.

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Jacksonville Certified CPR Training

Every year thousands of people die of sudden cardiac arrest.  We believe many of those lives could have been saved very easily if people were more properly trained in life saving techniques.  We strive to be that difference! Together, we strive to save lives!

Why train with us?

We offer complete certification from a highly recognized and licensed official training center recognized by the American Heart Association. Our goal is to provide in-depth instruction and comprehensive certification possibilities at an affordable price to as many people as possible.

We understand how busy you are and are happy to provide full training in less time than you could imagine. An average class size has less than five students so each one will get the personal attention they need to learn the best techniques in first aid and CPR quickly. With the individual instruction, no one’s questions or concerns will go unanswered. You will achieve not only 100% certification, but confidence that you have mastered the methods to save lives in the future.

The trained and experienced instructors at our office hold classes twice weekly. Each one offers complete CPR training on a convenient schedule. Busy people should not put off getting CPR certified because they cannot find a class at a time they can attend.

The lure of online classes you can take from home may be quite strong for people with tight schedules. However, whatever training you receive from them will be stunted by lack of hands on experience and not recognize by employers like our BLS CPR certification card is. We understand the need for convenience, but the need for proper training, practice, and the confidence to do the right thing in an emergency is even more important. Call or email us today with any questions you might have about our professional CPR certification courses.